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Cannabis-friendly public and private yoga classes

See and Believe: Vision Boards Illustrate Dreams and Goals

Vision Board Events
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Vision boards are unique collages that reflect an individual's hopes, desires, dreams, and goals. The purpose of the vision board is simple: seeing is believing. Illustrating goals and desires enhances their reality; the pictures serve as a reminder, visually nudging the soul toward its desired future.

Vision Board parties and events are perfect for team-building and private parties, and they also serve as an amazing bonding experience. Creating a board that showcases our true desires begins conversations and opens up new pathways to making that vision a reality.

Every Introspectrum Vision Board experience includes all the materials necessary for creating this inspirational project. Participants also are encouraged and invited to bring their materials for inspiration. Of course, cannabis is always welcome.

Introspectrum Vision Board events are a cannabis-friendly experience.
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