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Cannabis-friendly public and private yoga classes

Puff and Pose: A Cannabis-Friendly, Mobile Yoga Studio

Mobile Yoga Studio
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Om! Whether individuals are new to yoga or experienced yogis, 'puff and pose' classes create a transformative experience unlike any other yoga practice. Introspectrum believes that cannabis aids the relaxing and mindfulness benefits of yoga poses, and our classes are designed to be cannabis-friendly events.

Class difficulty varies by request. Pamela creates classes that are ideal for every yoga level--even beginners! 'Puff and pose' classes involve postures that mindfully mingle with the relaxing effects of cannabis, balancing the chakras with a healing vibe.

How does a practitioner puff while posing? Puff and pose classes allow for breaks between postures for cannabis use. However, the use of cannabis is never a requirement of our classes.

Introspectrum's mobile yoga studio moves the yoga practice anywhere--host an event in a home, at an office, or even at a business as part of another event.

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