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Pamela Sprecher founded Introspectrum Events to create gathering experiences that incorporate the soothing herbal effects of plant medicine and cannabis. Introspectrum Events hosts paint parties, yoga classes, and sacred ceremonies.


These experiences, classes, and events invite attendees to awaken the mind and spirit to explore further unique creative impulses, enlightenment, or greater mindfulness. Introspectrum Events believes that herbal and plant medicines like cannabis open a pathway to a greater spiritual experience, heightening creativity and invigorating the mind and body.

St. Louis' Premier Paint Party and Mobile Yoga Experience Enlivened with a Puff of Cannabis

Puff and Paint Event - Introspectrum Events - St. Louis, MO
Sacred Tea Ceremony - Introspectrum Events - St. Louis, MO

Introspectrum Puff and Paint Events

Puff and Paint Event - Introspectrum Events - St. Louis, MO
Puff and Paint Event - Introspectrum Events - St. Louis, MO

Explore how cannabis amplifies the creative impulse with Introspectrum Events’ “Puff and Paint” parties and events. Pamela guides guests step-by-step to create an artistic masterpiece on a 16 x 20 canvas, and guests are invited (and encouraged) to enjoy cannabis as they design their artwork. 


Puff and Paint events are available for corporate team-building retreats or private parties (e.g. bachelorette parties, wedding showers, birthday parties, etc.). Hosts can choose from the following guided artistic lessons: 

  • Paint your Pet (animal is predrawn on the canvas)

  • Partner Paintings (one image stretched out over 2 canvases)

  • Pass-the-Painting (team building event where each painter passes their painting to the person next to them every 10-15 mins).

Canvas Collabs

Introspectrum’s Canvas Collabs allow guests to collaborate on a painting that honors a colleague, couple, or individual. This shared experience does not require artistic expertise; a professional artist renders an outline of the portrait on a 16x20 canvas, and every guest paints a specific section of the painting. The final masterpiece is gifted to the guest of honor, and every participant can take home a printed copy of the portrait.

Canvas Collabs Events - Introspectrum Events - St. Louis, MO
Canvas Collabs Events - Introspectrum Events - St. Louis, MO
Canvas Collabs Events - Introspectrum Events - St. Louis, MO

Mobile Yoga Studio to Balance Your Chakras

Introspectrum Events offers mobile yoga classes that go anywhere for individual classes or for larger groups. We host events at wedding venues, stores, and restaurants and provide the option to combine the wellness benefits of yoga with the herbal and relaxing benefits of cannabis. Cannabis use is always optional for participants; it’s never a requirement.

Schedule a private session or book a mobile event at your business today.

Mobile Yoga Studio - Introspectrum Events - St. Louis, MO
Mobile Yoga Studio  services from Introspectrum Events in St. Louis, MO
Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Book Vision Board Events

A vision board showcases an individual’s desires, hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Introspectrum Events hosts vision board events for corporate clients and offers private parties, too. Discover your direction and create a visual representation of your ideal future. 


These events begin with meditation; Pamela guides attendees through a process that helps their mind intuitively understand their inner yearnings and goals. After entering a calm and relaxed state, guests are invited to bring their soul’s desires to life. 

Vision boards feature a collage of images on a 16 x 20 canvas. This event includes all the necessary materials: magazines, canvas, scissors, scrapbooking materials, paint, markers, and glue. Guests also can bring their own artistic supplies.

Vision Board Event - Introspectrum Events - St. Louis, MO
Vision Board Events in St. Louis, MO, help attendees visualize goals
Sacred Tea Ceremony

Sacred ceremonial teas focus the energy on introspection and personal reflection. Guests observe silence throughout the ceremony, and active meditation practices open up the mind, heart, and spirit. Herbal tea’s powerful benefits spiritually connect to the ceremony’s meditative practices. 


Sacred tea ceremonies are popular with couples, helping them connect and grow closer. Groups of friends also enjoy this ceremony.

Sound Bath: Immerse and Transfix the Mind and Body with Soothing Sound

Sound bath events offer meditative peacefulness and soothing tranquility. A sound bath immerses the body and mind with sounds and vibrations designed to evoke calmness. Crystal bowls create the “sound bath;” ringing out a melodic, relaxing energy. 

Image by FlyD
Combine experiences to create a longer event for team-building, a day of friendship, or for a couple's retreat. All guests are free to enjoy activities with or without cannabis.
[ Sacred Tea + Yoga Session ]
[ Yoga Session + Sound Bath ]
[ Sacred Tea + Sound Bath ]
Pamela Sprecher - Introspectrum Events - St. Louis, MO
Introspectrum Events Logo

Meet Pamela

I moved to Missouri in March of 2023 and created Introspectrum Events. Throughout my life path, I've been exposed to stressful and traumatic events and have had to overcome my learned reactions and find healthy coping mechanisms. I am passionate about the events I offer because I use all these modalities to aid in relaxation and healing in my life.

An Artistic Heart and a Yogi Spirit

I've been painting since childhood and have a bachelor's in Fine Arts. For over five years, I created and instructed Paint Nite events in Tampa, St. Pete, and Sarasota, Florida. In 2019, I completed my RYT 200 (200hr Registered Yoga Teacher) certification in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I'm now happy to offer yoga and painting experiences to the St. Louis area.


I incorporate plant medicines such as tea and cannabis into my creative and spiritual practice to increase visualizations, heighten intuition, and relax more deeply. I love to share cannabis consciously with others so they may experience what I consider to be a communion with spirit. I am honored to share my gifts and talents with the world, hoping that people will benefit from the healing powers of art, movement, and stillness, sometimes infused with plant medicine, to gain more relaxation and peace.

Meet Pamela
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Introspectrum Events’ Cannabis-Friendly Services 

- Frequently Asked Questions -

What is a Puff and Paint party?

A Puff and Paint party combines the artistic fun of painting on canvas with the relaxing effects of smoking cannabis. A Puff and Paint party is an alternative to sip and paint parties that offer wine, beer, or other cocktails while guiding participants through a painting.

Is cannabis use required at a Puff and Paint through Introspectrum?

Cannabis is always optional when you attend an event through Introspectrum! We use it to enliven events for our attendees and to increase relaxation, but cannabis is never required. 

What is a sound bath?

Sound baths use relaxing sounds from crystal bowls and different instruments to drench the body and mind in a state of calmness. Individuals lie on a mat while they listen to the unique melodies and meditate.

What does a vision board do?

Vision boards include a collage of photos and clippings that showcase an individual’s hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Every vision board looks different.

Is cannabis good for yoga?

Ganja yoga is a new form of yoga practice that incorporates smoking cannabis during the postures. The pain-relieving and relaxing effects of cannabis help invigorate practitioners during their class. 

Do I have to use cannabis at an Introspectrum yoga event?

No! You are always welcome to choose whether or not you would like to use cannabis when you participate in any yoga event through Introspectrum.

Who benefits from a sound bath?

Everyone can benefit from a sound bath. This experience is ideal for those who feel overly stressed, anxious, or who simply want to relax and find inner peace.

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